Sunday, 5 July 2009

Knights of the Road

My Grandad, god bless him, used to refer to cyclists's as Knights of the Road ~ a rather nice description I thought..........

I was out around the country lanes yesterday and came across a sign for Stock (Home of Farmer Maggots farm Bamfurlong if you have a lean towards Tolkien), had already passed Hollin Green Lane and there is a sign for Norbury (I think Fornost was sometimes known as Kings Norbury) on the canal.

Made my way towards Beeston Castle and stopped there for a drink and to idle a few moments looking at the surrounding countryside with its charming cottages and little copses and hills. I really like this neck of the woods.

Made my way back along the towpath and after a while it becam unrideable, got home and found that my gears had become damaged so going to have to shell out a few pennies for repairs on Monday.

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