Saturday, 11 July 2009

Books Books Books

Still feeling a bit tired after the 370 mile round trip yesterday, was up at 04.30, so even though the gear shifter is fixed I am just going to have a lazy day and listen to the Cricket and watch the F1 qualy........

There is a list of top 50 books by 50 authors going around at the moment and while I am working at my own version of that I thought I would stick my favourite 10 down here......
These are not in any particular order.

Lord of the Rings ~ JRR Tolkien
The Age of Reason ~ JP Sartre
Three Men in a Boat ~ JK Jerome
The Sheltering Sky ~ P Bowles
Brideshead Revisited ~ E Waugh
Ancient Evenings ~ N Mailer
The English Patient ~ M Ondaatje
The Magus ~ J Fowles
Desolation Angels ~ J Kerouac
The Voices of Marrakech ~ Elias Canetti

Although if you asked me tomorrow it may be slightly different......... ;)

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